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100 years and counting...

1915 - The start of the business

Alfred Mizzi sets up an importation business, with its main focus being food items.

1925 - Frisian Flag

AMSM secures the Frisian Flag (previously Dutch Baby) business, a relationship that continues to exist to this day.

1950s - The ‘sons’ join the business

Alfred’s sons Albert, Tony and Arthur join the business which had moved to Zachary Street, Valletta. Albert ran the business until mid-60s. Arthur oversaw the food division while Tony dealt with foreign suppliers until 1986.

1960s - The Food Division

Arthur Mizzi manages the Food Division from the 1960s until Alec Mizzi takes over in 1986.

1960s - Launch of Major Brands

AMSM launches Lombardi, Kerrygold, Flying Wheel, Tunnocks and Elite brands in Malta, as well as the Lombardi Gift Scheme, which used to operate from 17, Zachary Street, Valletta.

1970s - Bulk Buying Scheme

The Bulk-Buying Scheme in the late 1970s through to the 1980s signified the cessation of various brands being imported by the Company.

1980s - Alec Mizzi becomes Managing Director

Alec Mizzi, from the third generation of the Mizzi family, joins the business in 1980 and becomes Managing Director in 1986. This also coincides with the launch of the La Vache Qui Rit brand.

1980s - Manufacturing in Malta

AMSM focuses on local manufacturing, in line with the import-substitution policy in place at the time. This saw the launch of a number of own-label brands like Elite, Lombardi, Spin, Perla, Supersave, Swan and Rexoguard.

1986 - Kwiksave, Relocation & New Brands

AMSM launches the Kwiksave Gift Scheme, and moves to Floriana. The Company also starts handling Rowntree Mackintosh, later Nestle Confectionery, (until 2002) and Nestle ice cream (until 2012).

1986 - Alf Mizzi & Sons (Marketing) Ltd.

Alf Mizzi & Sons (Marketing) Ltd. is incorporated and takes over the food division of Alf Mizzi & Sons Ltd.

1988 - New Brands & Liberalisation of Imports

AMSM launches several new brands such as Alberto, AiA, Tilda, Leisieur, Zott, and Remia; and reintroduces brands such as Frisian Flag and Bordon to the local market due to the re-liberalisation of imports.

1990s - Launch of More Brands

AMSM launches a number of new brands including Dujardin, McCain, Rio Mare, Carapelli, Findus, IndoMie, Muller, Rana, and its own label - Green Valley.

1994 - New Building & Expansion

The Zachary House premises in Marsa are built, and Frozen and Chilled products start being distributed.

1995 - Foodservice Division

The Foodservice division is set up, introducing the concept of frozen goods to the takeaway and restaurant sector, through brands such as McCain.

1995 - Launch of the Qualitylink

QualityLink was launched, offering consumers a freephone service where they could register complaints or feedback.

2002 - Ice Cream Division

The Ice-Cream division is set-up, taking over Frozen Art Limited and its full Smiles portfolio.

2004 - Very Short Shelf-Life Division

The Very Short Shelf-Life (VSSL) division is set-up, featuring products including Alma, Babybel, VQR Dip & Crunch, Granarolo, Rana, Muller, Zott, and Kerrygold Cheddar.

2005 - Bahlsen, Lorenz & Bauli

Distribution rights for Bahlsen, Lorenz and Bauli are acquired.

2009 - Mill-Kcina taz-Zija

AMSM launches another own label brand - Mill-Kcina taz-Zija.

2013 - Distribution Rights for Kraft Foods

AMSM is awarded distribution rights for Kraft Foods (now Mondelez) brands, including Cadbury, Milka, Oreo, Tuc, Philadelphia, belVita, Ritz, Côte d’Or, Halls, and Maynard Bassetts.

2015 - Puratos

A business previously having distribution rights for Puratos is acquired by AMSM.

2017 - innocent

The Innocent brand of juices is launched in Malta.

2020 - ColgatePalmolive

Distribution rights for ColgatePalmolive are acquired.

2021 - Further acquisition of brands

AMSM acquires distribution rights for several new brands including Weetabix, Alpen, Ryvita, Aster, Typhoo, and Heath & Heather.

2022 - FHRD HR Quality Mark & Employer of Choice Awards

AMSM is awarded the HR Quality Mark by the Foundation for Human Resources Development and the Employer of Choice Award by Business Leaders, for its effective HR practices.

Steve Apap Bologna becomes CEO

After 40 years, Alec A. Mizzi steps down as CEO and moves to the new position of Executive Chairman. Steve Apap Bologna, who joined the Company back in 1992, is appointed CEO.