Have you ever wondered what makes Milka so special? Milka is a traditional product using exclusive milk from the Alpine region for more than 100 years!

I know what you’re thinking… what is the exact recipe and process that makes our Alpine Milk so tender? MMM…we can’t really give you an answer to that question, as the answer is top secret and has been well-guarded for generations.

Milka Chocolate is available in all formats from small tablet bars which you can keep all for yourself as well as larger bars which you can share with your family and friends…What? Did someone say sharing? I know it’s hard to share our chocolate, but don’t forget that sharing is caring and there’s nothing better than sharing the tenderness with your loved ones.

And what about Milka Biscuits? What is so special about them? What makes them so good? The secret is that they are made with 100% Alpine Milk chocolate.