Delicious Laughing Cow cheese dips with crispy breadsticks

A Good source of calcium

Nutritious snack with 103 calories per portion

No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives added

Suitable for vegetarians and during pregnancy

Snack and lunchbox friendly – delicious even when out of the fridge for a few hours

Delicious cheese spread combined with small, crisp, golden breadsticks make my Dip & Crunch cheese dippers a real crowd-pleaser. 

Four individually sealed tubs make this an easy, portable, super-tasty snack for mid-morning munchies or for that afternoon lull.

In a hurry? Pop a pack into your handbag or lunchbox for when you’re out and about – you’ll be so pleased you did.

The little portion packs are perfectly balanced to make you smile and satisfy your appetite – all for 103 calories.

And naturally it’s a good source of calcium, needed to maintain normal teeth and bones (when part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, of course). It contains no artificial flavours, no added colours or preservatives and is fine to eat if you’re pregnant.

Cheese spread : rehydrated skimmed milk, cheeses, butter, milk minerals concentrate, milk protein, emulsifying salts (polyphosphates), lactic concentrate. Breadsticks : wheat flour, sunflower oil, barley malt, salt, yeast.

May contain traces of sesame. 102 g of wheat flour are used to make 100g of breadsticks.

Per 100g
Per Portion (35g)
Energy value
1204 kJ – 288 kcal
421 kJ – 101 kcal
16 g
5.6 g
of which saturates
9.5 g
3.3 g
25.5 g
8.9 g
of which sugars
5.5 g
1.9 g
1 g
0.4 g
10 g
3.5 g
1.6 g
0.56 g
570 mg
200 mg

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